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Bill & June at Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach

Bill & June at Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach

Bill and June purchased Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach in January, 2001. Renovating and operating the vacation cottages has been a labor of love -- and major career change -- for both Bill and June. These baby-boomers decided to change their lifestyle when moving to Florida, And, "It's been good, all the way around!", they agree.

About Bill

Bill, Wecoming New Guests

Bill, Wecoming New Guests

Bill, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, is a former engineer, earning degrees in electrical and computer science engineering.

He has used (and uses today!) his expertise, knowledge, and experience to maintain, improve, and beautify the property. And, he continues to be the key person to ensure that everything on, in and about the property works beautifully, every day!

When not working, Bill loves to read, travel, sun and swim, and play with grandchildren. In addition, he's done some multi-media 'videos' with photos and videos of the family that are pretty spectacular! He also enjoys cigars.

Bill loves meeting guests and hearing their stories. Early on after starting this business, Bill told June, “Everyone has a story… and I love to hear them."

About June

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June, also from Louisville, is a former sales and marketing training manager, and curriculum designer. In addition to training programs, June managed industry trade show and training events in the U.S.and Europe.

June admires Bill's know-how and his ability to get things done.

Day-to-day, she stays involved in the business's management. And, she's been a leader in the Superior Small Lodging association™ in the St. Petersburg - Clearwater area.

She particularly enjoys getting to know guests and believes that "Island Paradise Cottages... gets the BEST guests in the world!"


Maria joined the Island Paradise Cottages team during 2013. She helps to ensure that, day-to-day, guests have the quality and service level they prefer. Maria is bright, resourceful, has a great sense of humor and wonderful spirit. And, like Bill and June, she wants your stay is the best ever!
Maria (Coco) - Our Favorite Housekeeping Expert!

Maria (Coco) - Our Favorite Housekeeping Expert

What We Do

We want you to know that you and your stay is important to us. For that reason, each year we look for ways to:
  • improve our services to you
  • improvement the physical property in ways that make your stay more enjoyable.
Come see what we're doing this year!

Why We Do It

Our Values and Viewpoints focus our work. We understand that most guests:
  • Have a limited amount of vacation time each year.
  • Need their vacation to help deeply relax and refresh them.
  • Want to relax in comfort and absolute cleanliness -- and simply to be treated with respect.
We want you to know that we care about your vacation, and want your stay to be the best ever!
Comfy Robes, Planning Guides, More...

We Want Your Stay to Be the Best Ever!

About the New Website

Since a picture speaks 10,000 words...

-- On this site, you can SEE more about us!

And, because our guests seek vibrant, new experiences...

-- We added the "Things To Do" Engine to help explore our area!

We hope you love our new website!

We also want to thank some key people who helped us create this new portal.

Our guests:

  • Pat R. who has let us use her photo with her adorable Jomby's photo
  • Rocky & Loren, Bob & Gail, Bob W. -- who have shared photos of their dogs…
  • And our wonderful Ohio guests: Melissa B. and Karla B., et al -- for allowing us to include their beautiful children in our birthday party photo!

Our gifted and hard-working website builder:

  • Robin Vander Velde, founder of Madeira Tech, who began writing websites in 1995! Robin built the website, then patiently changed it and changed it again! Kudos to a great & gifted technology person with enormous patience!

Thanks to one and all!