Drum Circle at Treasure Island, FL

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Drum Circle,T.I.

Sunday evenings are a rhythmic affair on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida starting around 6 p.m. until Sunset. When the 'music' gets going, dancers of all ages enjoy improvising with the drummers.
Treasure Island, FL beach - Sunday Evening Drum Circle Gathering

Folks gather on Sunday, around sunset near the water's edge.

                        The Drum Circle on the beach at Treasure Island, Florida is a entertaining primordial experience.
  • Drummers, spectators, and enthusiasts come together to share the spirit of the gathering
  • Enthusiasts arrive with rattles, bells, tambourines, and more - ready to help pulse life into the evening.
Dancers at the Treasure Island Drum Circle

Dancers at the Treasure Island Drum Circle

Everyone Is Welcome All ages of people from all backgrounds gather together at the Drum Circle. Come and bring your children or parents... and watch the sunset and listen to the beat of the drum. Or move away from the crowd... and listen to the quiet waves coming ashore. One way or another, you will smile.
Sunset Walk

Sunset Walk

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