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Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach has three public beach parks with parking lots along it's two miles of shoreline. The parks are:
  • Archibald Park
  • Kitty Stuart Park
  • South Beach Park.
Madeira Beach beaches tend to be less crowded, due to the small land size of the town compared to the coastal area.   Parking
  • Beach parking lots are located at: - 15100 Gulf Blvd - Archibald Memorial Beach. Also, rest rooms and the Old Snack Shack - 141st Ave at Gulf Blvd - Kitty Stuart Park - at 131st, 133rd, 134th, 135th and 136th Avenues on the west side of Gulf Blvd.
  • John's Pass Village parking includes: - Metered parking on streets, city parking lot at Village Blvd and 129th Ave, East - Across the street at 'South Beach' parking lot, on the northwest side of the John's Pass bridge.
Madeira Beach Sea Oats

Madeira Beach Sea Oats

Madeira Beach Sea Oats help retain the sands on the shore during storms.

Sea oats are as pretty as they are important!


Madeira Beach is the city that is two miles long and a smile wide! It is beautiful, isn't it?

Madeira Beach at Dusk


Relaxing on Madeira Beach

Relaxing on Madeira Beach

A smaller land size means fewer tourism units than most Florida beach communities... contributing to a more sparsely populated beach.  
Hands Across Madeira Beach

The photos shows residents and guests joining hands to show solidarity on working to ensure the beaches remain unspoiled

Residents and guests of Madeira Beach support the best possible care of our beaches and waters. Above, a group assembled to show support for the cleanest possible beaches and water.

Madeira Beach at Sunset

Madeira Beach at Sunset


" The Old Snack Shack" is preserved at the historic Archibald Park.

The building was constructed in the 1920's to use for returning soldiers, recovering nearby at the Bay Pines Veterans Hospital.

We are proud to say that Madeira Beach has been a place where health and well-being have been important for almost a century!

We Swim in the Stingray's World

We Swim in the Stingray's World

A Word of Caution about Stingrays (April to October):

  • Stingrays are a flat fish that live and reproduced in the shallow waters in our area beaches
  • If stepped on, a Stingray will sting with its long tail
  • To avoid getting stung, do the Stingray Shuffle:
Walk slowly, shuffle your feet back and forth through the sand.
  • This shuffle warns the stingray that you are coming and they will move.
If you get stung, you could have a severe reaction and need medical attention. Most
 people may be treated by soaking the injured ankle or foot in hot, soapy water for 30-60 minutes. If you are walking our beach - when tides are coming in and going out - you will find a variety of shells, sponges and seaweeds.
Shells, Seaweed & Sponges Sometimes Found on Madeira Beach

Shells, Seaweed & Sponges Sometimes Found on Madeira Beach