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Island Paradise Mug

Island Paradise Cottages Mug

Island Paradise Cottages Handcrafted Mugs

Island Paradise Cottages Handcrafted Mugs

Choose an easy to hold, large capacity, beautiful Island Paradise Cottages Mug.

These mugs, in your kitchen cabinet to use while you are with us, were each

handmade by the Deneen Pottery, in St. Paul, MN

These mugs are a lovely remembrance of your stay with us.

We suggest one per person.


Take With Price:  $16.50 for one mug

$30.00 for 2 mugs – Enter discount code:  2mugs

$45.00 for three mugs – Enter discount code:  3mugs

60.00 for 4 mugs – Enter discount code:  4mugs


Great mug at Island Paradise Cottages

Great mug for a great stay with us at Island Paradise Cottages.