Dogs Welcome

Guidelines for Dogs

  • Dogs must be on leashes when outside of the unit.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the pool area or pool.
  • Anyone visiting a registered guest may not bring a dog when visiting.
  • Owners may not permit dogs to climb or sit on unprotected furniture or beds. Owners with dogs that climb on furniture or beds at home or elsewhere, should bring coverings or ‘throws’ to protect the furniture for beds. If a guest forgets to bring covering, please ask us for covering.
  • Owners must pick up any remains (on or off property) that their dogs(s) may leave.
  • All doggies must be treated for fleas & ticks & heartworm prior to their arrival, and be current in rabies vaccination and bordetella.
  • All doggies will be kept bathed, groomed and free of odor for the duration of their stay.
  • Should a dog bark for more than 5 minutes after the departure of the owner, the owners will be asked not to leave the dog unattended (or find another solution to the barking.)
  • Should a dog exhibits aggressive behavior toward any person(s) or dog(s) while on the property, he/she must be removed from the premises.

Please note: Failure to follow guidelines can result in being asked to vacate the property.