About the Resort


1945 - 1946

Island Paradise Cottages and Apartments of Madeira Beach was originally built around 1945.  At that time, the cottages were on two properties.  

  • One was called the ‘Davis Cottages’.
  • The second was named 'Stephanie’s Apartments'.


All of the cottages went under joint ownership around 1985, and was operated under the name 'BJ Bungalows' for roughly 15 years.


Since 2001, when renovating the property, Bill and June have tried to respect and preserve the “classic Florida” character of the cottages... while bringing them up to today's standards for comfort and distinction.


In 2004, Island Paradise was selected for the 2004 Madeira Beach Pride Award, because it the improvements were so recognized as a benefit to the area.


In 2006, Island Paradise achieved the recognition and approval of the Florida Superior Small Lodging  association program, to the great delight of Bill and June.


Since 2008 and every year after through 2013, the Cottages have received a White Glove Award for perfect housekeeping by the Florida Superior Small Lodging association.

It gives June, Bill and Maria great pride to have won this level or recognition again this year.



And, in 2013, Island Paradise Cottages won several Awards of Excellence.

Be sure and take a look at the Awards page when you have time! Or visit the awards in our office when you are here.


Bill and June hope that you always remember Madeira Beach, and that you never forget Island Paradise Cottages of Madeira Beach!